Extracted Ticket

Ticket Number  : SUNETTICKET-6750
Ticket Type    : Scheduled
Ticket Status  : Closed
Ticket Summary : Planned Hardware Maintenance 
Ticket Scope   : Hardware

Ticket Opened  : 20201022 11:03 UTC
Ticket Closed  : 20201109 7:03 UTC

Maint. win. Start : 20201106 22:01 UTC
Maint. win. End   : 20201108 22:00 UTC
Estimated outage  : 

Affected organisations:
      * SUNET, LNU

      * We will migrate the routers lnu-r3 and lnu-r4 to new
        hardware and a new campus. The routers will get new names
        (lnu-l5 and lnu-r6).
        Customer will move their equipment as well which means there
        will be several outages during the maintenance.

      * Affected services:
        SU-S002358	- Backbone lnu-r4 - lnu-r3	
        SU-S002359	- Backbone lnu-r3 - kmr88-r1
        SU-S003042	- IP to LNU3	LNU
        SU-S003600	- LIU dark fiber to Länssjukhuset i Kalmar
        1/2	LIU
        SU-S002357 - Backbone lnu-r4 - vxj-r1	
        SU-S002358	- Backbone lnu-r4 - lnu-r3	
        SU-S003043	- IP to LNU4
        Reduced redundancy in SUNET backbone
Final ticket report:

      * The routers lnu-r3 and lnu-r4 were migrated to new hardware
        and a new campus. The routers have new names (lnu-l5 and
        Customer moved their equipment as well.