Extracted Ticket

Ticket Number  : SUNETTICKET-4184
Ticket Type    : Scheduled
Ticket Status  : Open
Ticket Summary : Planned Maintenance
Ticket Scope   : Link

Ticket Opened  : 20170215 10:10 UTC
Ticket Closed  : 

Maint. win. Start : 20170316 17:00 UTC
Maint. win. End   : 20170317 5:00 UTC
Estimated outage  : 

Affected organisations:
      * HH, SUNET

      * Due to the reconstruction of a power line, the OPGW needs to
        be cut. A new ODF will be installed in teknikbod KRD and
        customers need to be rerouted.A new cables will be spliced
        into existing jointboxes. 
        The affected dark fiber lies between Karsefors (KFS) and
        Mörarp (MAP2)

      * Reduced redudandancy in SUNET IP backbone as the core link
        between Lund and Halmstad will be affected.
        Loss of redudandancy for HH as the link between HH2 and
        SUNET will be affected.