Extracted Ticket

Ticket Number  : NORDUNETTICKET-8223
Ticket Type    : Scheduled
Ticket Status  : Closed
Ticket Summary : Emergency Maintenance for Zoom
Ticket Scope   : Software

Ticket Opened  : 20220315 10:44 UTC
Ticket Closed  : 20220316 6:28 UTC

Maint. win. Start : 20220315 21:00 UTC
Maint. win. End   : 20220315 23:00 UTC
Estimated outage  : 120.0 min

Affected organisations:

Service ID:

      * NU-S000519, NU-S000620, NU-S000615, NU-S000614, NU-S000613,
        NU-S000618, NU-S000617, NU-S000616, NU-S000599, NU-S000598,
        NU-S000597, NU-S000590, NU-S000589, NU-S000588, NU-S000587,
        NU-S000586, NU-S000585, NU-S000584, NU-S000583, NU-S000581,
        NU-S000577, NU-S000576, NU-S000575, NU-S000573, NU-S000571,
        NU-S000569, NU-S000568, NU-S000567, NU-S000566, NU-S000565,
        NU-S000562, NU-S000561, NU-S000560, NU-S000559, NU-S000557,
        NU-S000556, NU-S000554, NU-S000553, NU-S000552, NU-S000551,
        NU-S000550, NU-S000549, NU-S000548, NU-S000546, NU-S000540,
        NU-S000538, NU-S000537, NU-S000524, NU-S000523, NU-S000522,
        NU-S000521, NU-S000520

      * The Token which binds our Hybrid installation to the Zoom
        Cloud for licensing, reporting and such needs to
        be rolled. Due to errors in communication this has to be
        done tonight. Downtime in all Zoom services is expected
        during the maintenance.

      * There will be an interruption of all ongoing meetings and
        recordings for the duration of the maintenance.
        It will be performed in a way so that there is as little end
        user impact as possible. 
        Virtual Room Connectors, minimal downtime expected, but
        downtime never the less.
Final ticket report:

      * We had an emergency maintenance to renew the auth tokens for
        our zoom installation.