Extracted Ticket

Ticket Number  : NORDUNETTICKET-6620
Ticket Type    : Scheduled
Ticket Status  : Closed
Ticket Summary : Emergency Router Upgrade
Ticket Scope   : 

Ticket Opened  : 20200713 6:16 UTC
Ticket Closed  : 20200714 19:38 UTC

Maint. win. Start : 20200714 18:00 UTC
Maint. win. End   : 20200714 22:00 UTC
Estimated outage  : 30.0 min

Affected organisations:

Service ID:

      * NU-S000077, NU-S000298, NU-S000289, NU-S000085, NU-S000604,
        NU-S000605, NU-S000444, SU-S000314, NU-S000682, NU-S000681,
        NU-S000677, NU-S000645, NU-S000649, NU-S000174, NU-S000379,
        NU-S000503, NU-S000501, NU-S000736, NU-S000735, NU-S000734,
        NU-S000733, NU-S000732, NU-S000731, NU-S000737, NU-S000591,
        NU-S000103, NU-S000333, NU-S000332, NU-S000331, NU-S000316,
        NU-S000311, NU-S800034

      * The router dk-uni.nordu.net in Copenhagen will be upgraded
        to a new software release.

      * The following links will be unavailable:
        NORDUnet BackBone, SE-TUG <> DK-UNI
        NORDUnet BackBone, bal - uni
        NORDUnet BackBone, DK-UNI <> NO-USI
        NORDUnet BackBone, 100G Uni - hex Nordunet Ciena
        NORDUnet BackBone, ORE - UNI
        NORDUnet BackBone, UNI-HMB
        NORDUnet BackBone, Nordunet - Uninett 100GE
        NORDUnet Backbone, dk-bal2 - dk-uni
        Customer connection, MDVPN SUNET, FUNET
        Customer connection, DEIC - NORDUnet MDVPN
        Customer connection, MDVPN uninett dk-ore
        Customer connection, MDVPN Deic
        Customer connection, DEIC UNI IP transit
        Internet Exchange, DK-UNI <> DIX
        Internet Exchange, Telia DK PNI UNI
        Ethernet - Interface Switch	dk-uni.dk-ore-sw-a01-phy2	
        Ethernet - Interface Switch	dk-uni.dk-ore-sw-a02-phy2	
        Ethernet - Interface Switch	dk-uni.dk-bal-sw-a01-phy2	
        Ethernet - Interface Switch	dk-uni.dk-bal-sw-a02-phy2


      * 20200714 18:01 UTC
        Maintenance started.
      * 20200714 19:37 UTC
        Maintenance complete.
Final ticket report:

      * The router dk-uni.nordu.net in Copenhagen was upgraded to a
        new software release.