Extracted Ticket

Ticket Number  : NORDUNETTICKET-6613
Ticket Type    : Scheduled
Ticket Status  : Closed
Ticket Summary : Router Upgrade
Ticket Scope   : 

Ticket Opened  : 20200710 7:28 UTC
Ticket Closed  : 20200723 21:29 UTC

Maint. win. Start : 20200723 20:00 UTC
Maint. win. End   : 20200723 23:59 UTC
Estimated outage  : 30.0 min

Affected organisations:
      * JIVE, NORDUnet, NDGF, FUNET, DeIC, SUNET, Niels Bohr
        Institute, Telia DK, PRACE, Onsala, CSC

Service ID:

      * NU-S000266, NU-S000497, NU-S000485, NU-S000483, NU-S000099,
        NU-S000085, NU-S000603, NU-S000602, NU-S000466, NU-S000459,
        NU-S000678, NU-S000673, NU-S000672, NU-S000654, NU-S000653,
        NU-S000646, NU-S000190, NU-S000516, NU-S000502, NU-S000500,
        NU-S000715, NU-S000316, NU-S000315, NU-S000313, NU-S000312,
        NU-S000309, NU-S800035

      * The router dk-ore.nordu.net in Copenhagen will be upgraded
        to a new software release. This will be service window 2 of
        2 for this upgrade.

      * The following links will be unavailable:
        NORDUnet Backbone, DK to REY2, partial redundant connection
        terminated on BOTH dk-uni and dk-ore.
        NORDUnet Backbone, ORE - STHB
        NORDUnet Backbone, ORE - UNI
        NORDUnet Backbone, Last resort link se-fre dk-ore2 over
        Sunet SU-S003554
        NORDUnet Backbone, ORE - HMB 
        NORDUnet Backbone, Port-channel from Ballerup to Örestaden.
        Currently realized over 10G passive DWDM system
        NORDUnet Backbone, ORE - BAL storage 1/2
        NORDUnet Backbone, ORE - BAL storage 2/2
        NORDUnet Backbone, ore-sthb-phy1
        NORDUnet Backbone, ore-sthb-phy2
        NORDUnet Backbone, 20G ORE-REY2 on vlan 11
        Customer Connection, DK-ORE2 <> NDGF
        Customer Connection, Nordunet - Sunet (Örestad - Malmö)
        Customer Connection, DEIC ORE IP transit
        Customer Connection, MDVPN connection Sunet
        Customer Connection, NDGF IP connection to Servers at site
        MPLS - L2VPN, Radio Telescope (Lofar/Jive), SE-FRE <>
        Transit, DK-ORE <> TSIC
        Transit, Telia DK PNI ORE
        Ethernet - Interface Switch, dk-ore.nordu.net to
        NDN CoreInfra, EDUROAM for site DK-ORE


      * 20200713 6:04 UTC
        Maintenance window updated.
      * 20200723 12:47 UTC
        Maintenance window updated. Will start at 20:00 UTC.
      * 20200723 20:01 UTC
        Maintenance started.
Final ticket report:

      * The router dk-ore.nordu.net in Copenhagen was upgraded to a
        new software release. This was service window 2 of 2 for
        this upgrade.