Extracted Ticket

Ticket Number  : NORDUNETTICKET-6580
Ticket Type    : Unscheduled
Ticket Status  : Closed
Ticket Summary : Link Degradation STHB-ORE
Ticket Scope   : Link

Ticket Opened  : 20200625 13:52 UTC
Ticket Closed  : 20200730 5:26 UTC

Problem Start  : 20200625 11:41 UTC
Problem End    : 20200729 16:48 UTC

Affected organisations:

      * NORDUnet, Cinia

Service ID:

      * NU-S000631, SU-S000315, SU-S003659, NU-S000673, NU-S000672,
        NU-S000665, SU-S003649, SU-S003624


      * The alien wavelength from SUNET between Stockholm and
        Denmark is showing degradation.


      * Reduced capacity for affected organizations.
        The NORDUnet core link between Stockholm and Ă–restad,
        Denmark is affected.
        AW for Cinia (HMB-STO) BMA. Ch.55 (1551.72) Cinia ID:
        OTN10724) is affected.


      * 20200625 14:19 UTC
        We are investigating the issue.
      * 20200625 14:29 UTC
        SUNET is going to clean the fiber in Stockholm node to see
        if the values get better. The services will go down during
        the troubleshooting.
      * 20200625 14:36 UTC
        The services have restored after the cleaning. It did not
        help. SUNET will escalate it to its fiber provider.
      * 20200709 8:28 UTC
        Fiber provider identified the causes of the signal
        degradation. It will require them 2 weeks to fix all the
        issues, but it is expected that the light level will raise
        gradually until the problem is completely fixed.
      * 20200723 5:49 UTC
        Fiber provider will perform OTDR on 29th July.
      * 20200729 17:32 UTC
        The fiber issue has been fixed and we are observing better
      * 20200730 5:26 UTC
        Cinia confirms that they see no errors now.
Final ticket report:

      * The alien wavelength from SUNET between Stockholm and
        Denmark was showing degradation due to an attenuation issue.
        The issue has now been fixed.